An eladrin mercenary with a wit as sharp as his blade. His disposition masks a barely concealed, constant anger.


This is a very rough history. It will be edited.

Araliss was born a priveleged eladrin in his feywild home. As he grew, he lived a life that denied the possibility that his home could ever simply vanish forever. He became a skilled leader of warriors, and a powerful psionic as well. He stood to inherit his family’s extravagant castle, and the riches that came with it. But life in any aspect of Athas has a way of forcing the truth on a person, and Araliss was no exception. While he was trading for goods on Athas’s material plane, his home simply ceased to be, all because of a foolish defiler’s ignorance and stupidity. Trapped in the mortal plane, he was filled with a bitter hatred of all things arcane, and saught out all arcane users, good or evil, in an attempt to put and end to their foolishness once and for all. He became a mercenary, wandering Athas and hoping to one day find a new place to call home.

Goals: Avenge his family (destroy Arcane casters – specifically defilers.)
Find a new home
Save the planet (preserve the natural world)
Make money

Hates: all arcane casters, especially sorcerer-kings. He also tends to dislike templars, but he usually keeps that to himself.

Likes: Alcohol, dependable comrades, weaponry (especially metal, though he owns nothing metal), money

Appearance: Araliss is a tall, muscular eladrin who wears armor made of a brown drake’s scales (sleeveless), a red cloak, a pair of bracers and boots. He wields an axe carved from the bones of a beast, and a protective wooden shield reinforced with drake scales (heavy shield). He has long blonde hair and green eyes, and a tattoo on the left side of his face.


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