A Perilous World of Sand and Sorcery Awaits!

The desert world of Athas is a hostile place, where even the cities of the Tyr region are ruled by powerful and oppressive sorcerer-kings who defile the land with arcane magic, and slavery is a common site.

The City of Tyr is the only free city, having recently killed the sorcerer-king Kalak. Slavery is outlawed and commoners and former slaves rejoice about their freedom almost daily.

The city itself is far from stable, however. Though its new king attempts to bring peace and prosperity to the city, various factions vie for power, both peacefully and violently. The other sorcerer-kings shore their defenses, so a similar fate will not befall them, and some of them now turn their eyes on the city, whether in simple curiosity, or a desire to expand their territory.

Edit: Also I’d like to note – when you are making a character, I am giving out the weapon or implement expertise feat for free, since Wizards long ago announced it was their attempt to help people be where they are “supposed to be” when fighting monsters.

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